Dear Colleagues.

SASREG is proud to announce the launch of the SASREG registry for donor gametes in South Africa.

We value the collaboration from all the SASREG Clinics and Agencies who attended various training workshops, either in person or electronically. We appreciate your feedback and adjustments to the Registry. After clearing the legal compliance and privacy clauses, it is now ready for launch and use.

First, Log In

For all the users who were already registered and utilising the system in our mock scenarios and training, all that data has been cleared and you will be given new login credentials.

The username will always be your email address and the password is going to be a generic password (Donors123!) which you will need to reset upon your first log-in.


The legal compliance of the Registry is essential. Please read through the Terms & Conditions along with our Privacy Statement, when logging into the system for the first time. You will always be able to find these documents to read under the Privacy section going forward. If you do not accept the T&Cs you will not be able to log into the Registry

Consent Documentation

Find attached the following legal documents drafted by a Legal Fertility Expert.

Document A – Consent to the Processing of my Personal Information

This document must be signed by the donor and donor agency, and scanned and downloaded into the registry as proof of a donor consenting to all anonymous information stored regarding her donations.

Document B – Personal Information Consent

This clause should be added to all Agency donor consent forms when a donor signs up for donation.

Registry User Guide

Please follow the online User Guide for the Registry, keeping this as a reference on how to use the Registry.

The team members who were involved in this project will be available to assist with your enquiries and can be contacted as below.


Annual Costs

Please be advised that the invoicing for the use of the Registry will be communicated in a separate email to you from Turners on behalf of SASREG within the next couple of days.

A few key reminders regarding the Registry is as follows:

      • All donors to sign consent forms which are uploaded to the system for the permissions to capture their data electronically.
      • Donors and treatment cycles are being captured from the launch date of the Registry and not retrospectively.

Donors are to be captured by the RSA ID number and only if there is no RSA ID number will they then be captured by the use of their foreign passport number. If that is also not available, then their Donor Code given to them by the donor agency should be used. Should there be queries on which identity code to use please email

We thank you for the positive feedback and collaboration in improving fertility care in South Africa. We look forward to a successful launch and utilization of this donor registry in 2020.


Dr Chris Venter