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Tanya Rubin (steering committee member) is a registered social worker in private practice in Johannesburg. Email:
Rizwana Roomaney (steering committee member) is a registered research psychologist and registered counsellor. She is a lecturer at Stellenbosch University Psychology Department. Email:
Leanne van der Westhuizen (steering committee member) is a registered counselling psychologist based at Cape Fertility Clinic Cape Town. Email:
Dr Karin Barkema (steering committee member) is a healthcare practitioner, specialising as a Psychologist – Clinical, in Protea Valley, Cape Town. Email:
Cornelia Van Zyl (steering committee member) is a qualified embryologist who has a Masters and PhD degree in Psychology. She volunteers as an infertility counsellor at Wilgers hospital. Email:
Cal Volks (independent practitioner) is an infertility counsellor based at the Holistic Assisted Reproduction Treatment (HART) Clinic in Cape Town. Email: