We are entering Reproductive Health Month – February 2021.

We are trying to make women and men aware of fertility and infertility, with the main focus is female age. When it comes to fertility, age does matter. In an ideal world, all women should have all their babies before the age of 35. After 35 the fertility declines rapidly. The chance of abnormalities and miscarriages increases exponentially after 35 too.

It is with this in mind that we take hands with IFAASA (Infertility Awareness Association of South Africa) in creating much-needed awareness around infertility.

During the month of February (Reproductive Health Month), various SASREG Centres of Excellence will offer a 25% discount on the initial consultation and scan fee. The theme for this campaign is, Will your Fertility stand the Test of Time?”.

Infertility can take an emotional and financial toll on families, thus our sincere support must continue through the SASREG Accredited Clinics.

For more information on this life-giving campaign, please visit – https://www.reproductivehealthmonth.co.za/

Also, visit the IFAASA website – https://ifaasa.co.za/

Sincerely yours,

Sulaiman Heylen